Dave Benton, Brain Cancer, God and Iggy Azalea?

Trending right now is CBS News Anchor, Dave Benton and the fact that he has inoperable brain cancer. Check out this video.

The Giver by Lois Lowry – Meh

Finished reading The Giver yesterday. I’ve heard lots of people talk about it. There’s obviously a movie coming out.

My thoughts on the book…

Going after the Demon that Lives out there in the Thin Air

Been watching The Right Stuff recently. Doing some reading online about Chuck Yeager. What an amazing life he has had. I’m obviously no test pilot, but you have to wonder what our ‘demons that live out in the thin air’ are.

What do we go after with absolute passion and no pause?

All things to ponder.

Chuck Yeager is one of those people I would LOVE to meet and talk to for 2 minutes.

Let it Be Known – Video

What a great and fun video.

Big Ups to Sompting Community Church!


We Should Sing and Shout and Not Stop

One of the songs we sang today in CPKidz was “Can’t Stop Singing” by Seth Condrey.

It is a FUN song to sing, but overlooked is the great theology in it. Check it out:

Move The Archive Again

Almost-ReadyWell, I’ve done it again. I decided to ‘deboot the reboot’

What in the world does that mean?

Well, I had this other website that I moved all my content to (from this blog by the way) it was rebootblog.com

I had started it up with this post (now archived here)

I had this great Bible in 90 day series going. (I made it through day 75 and never finished the last 15 days… that’s horrible)

But I had no connection to it.

So I’m back.

And the content came with me.

Reboot has officially been debooted.

Nothing is More Important

A few weeks ago, in a moment of selfishness, I posted the following to Facebook:

I’m gonna keep it real… it is really tough some Sundays and I often feel disjointed from the rest of Cross Pointe Church, but I love serving in CPKidz. There is nothing more important than teaching our children truth from God’s Word, teaching them how to worship and showing them Jesus. We need singers, storytellers, leaders, behind the scenes production folk, creatives, servant hearts, prayer warriors, people who like to have fun… Don’t wait for the invite on Planning Center… Come serve with me!

Today, I had one of those moments where I realized how wrong I was.

Letting God Speak Through “Single Verse” Lessons

This summer we’ve been doing a series with our children’s ministry from about Friendship. For the most part, these have been “single verse” focused. The bottom line each week has been something like this:

  • Friends Love Each Other
  • Friends Welcome Each Other
  • Friends Teach Each Other
  • Friends are Patient with Each Other
  • Friends Serve Each Other

Iron Sharpening Iron

Oh it is so cliche. Especially in the church world. ESPECIALLY in the men’s ministry world of church world.

But it is so true.

I snuck into the back of our middle school large group at Cross Pointe a couple weeks ago. We had completed our large group over in cpkidz and I wanted to check out things in anticipation to my oldest daughter who will be moving up to middle school in a few weeks.


IMG_2032Josh Frazier, our  middle school student pastor, was talking to the middle schoolers at the time. From what I briefly heard, he was talking about surrounding yourself with other folks who aren’t afraid to hold you accountable, but that also build into your life and help you grow in Christ.

At least that is what I took from it.

And it is been nagging me since. I’ll admit, I dropped out of consistent teaching of the word. I have no one to blame but myself, but I think I have corrected the problem and am re-establishing my time in the word with God.

My family needs to see me thumbing through scripture. They need to see me wrestling with applying the truth that is in the Word of God to my life.

My prayer life has improved… and it needed to improve.

God keeps reminding me over these last couple weeks that I need those guys in my life who are pillars for my weak foundation. I need to strengthen the supports.

I thought about bidding this project out, but I’m not entirely sure what that looks like in my life right now. Back before I was married, and even earlier in my marriage, I had a core group of guys who had each other’s backs in the trenches. At times through the years, several of us have assessed the battlefield and tiptoed around the mines, but we eventually went our own ways and lost connection with each other. (which is sad, because in today’s world of quick and easy communication… we could have/should have done a better job of staying connected)

But I think God is calling me to establish that group like Josh has. Not sure if that is in person or online. I just know that I need it.

Praying for direction. I think God already knows who those guys are. If you’re one of them, I’m praying for you too even though I don’t know it yet.


How ’bout them waffles!

I hope that after the USA beats Belgium on Tuesday at the World Cup that someone at @WaffleHouse tweets “How about them waffles!”