What is this purpose of this Blog?

I’ve tried blogging before. I have a SEO blog that I update for work. It is purely work related.

I’m a part of the social media apps that prevail society. I am on Facebook. I have a twitter feed. I upload the weekly sermons from our church to Itunes. I lurk in many blogs of people who are doing amazing things for God. They inspire me.

Why do I need a blog? Why would you need one? If you are reading this, it is likely that you already know the answer. It is a powerful medium that  has unbelivable reach.

I can’t find the statistic at the moment, but I recently heard that people 30 and under get 70 percent of their content intake online from Blogs. Most of that comes from content contributors that they personally know, but because of the power of Google and its goal of delivering highly relevant search results upon performing a search, we are able to connect with many other people who are dealing with similar situations and fighting the same fight that we are.

One of the Blogs that I’ve been lurking  in is Human3rror. John recently wrote about the power of blogs and the fact that “They are here to stay.”

But that’s where we come in as transformed believers.  Blogging is here to stay and the world will have it’s say about everything and anything.  Will you join the fray or be a passive onlooker as the the body count grows enormously on the wrong side of things?

For goodness sake, blog darn you!

I accept the challenge.

My purpose is to proclaim what God has done for me. The evidence of His hand on my daily life. The answers to prayers that whether I like them or not are proof of Him. I will write about how God is speaking to me. Yes, He still speaks to His creation. I will write about His Word, and where it is leading me.

Every true follower of Christ has a story. A time in which child-like faith prevailed and you called out to be saved. At that time we are no longer a slave to sin. At that point we are to serve Him. Our service to Him does not include our agenda, only the work that He gives us to do. Part of that work is telling those who He puts in our path, the story of what He did for us.

I hope that you will comment when you feel led. Let me know you are out there.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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