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I went to the World of Coke today with the family. We live in Atlanta, but haven’t been since it reopened near the Georgia Aqarium.

The new World of Coke is a great improvement over the old World of Coke that was located at Underground…in my opinion. It was very interesting. I love the history and art behind Coke. 

One of the big features is the tasting room. 62 flavors from around the world. Most flavors are great. There are many fruit flavors from all around the world. There is this one though, that all the coke employees warn you to take a small sip. “Beverly” is apparently a drink from Italy. Definitely not my favorite. Gross.

It got me thinking about church. What flavor church do you go to? 

I was talking to a good friend about this a few weeks ago. We were talking about “The Church.” We have brothers and sisters around the world who are daily being persecuted because of their desire to meet together and worship God. 

We in America, on the other hand, can wake up and drive past 10 worthy churches on the way to our place of worship. 

Why is that? We’re selfish. We all want our flavor. It comes back to us trying to push our agenda. In reality the church should be “Christ-Centered.”  Serving Him.

Jay Hardwick is solid. I’ve been lurking on his blogs for the past year. What a heart he has. I am far from Columbia, South Carolina, but I feel the compassion that he has over the lost and unchurched in that city. If you read much of his writing, you’ll tell that he is big on churches of multiple shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and flavors joining together to reach the lost of their cities. Read this from Jay’s Blog on  December 17th.

By most estimates, some 500,000 people in Metro Columbia are not committed to life in a local church community. That’s roughly two-thirds of our population missing out on the grace, calling, purpose, favor, and blessing of God. Am I okay with that? Heck no!

Guess what?

One church can not and will not reach all of those people. And…one specific form of church can not and will not reach all those people. We have some great churches in our city and the tide is starting to turn, but we’re a long way from seeing the Kingdom really break out all over the city.

If we want to see the city of Columbia renewed and the Kingdom of God break out in every niche of the Metro, then we need every Jesus-centered church, regardless of form, to do well. And, we need to start a bunch more that will love Jesus, love the city, and work for the glory of God and the good of the city. 

Jesus is the Head, Foundation, and Cornerstone of the “big” church. We are called to serve Him. If we are each serving our role, then our worship will be authentic. If this were the case, we could step inside the door of any of those ten churches and be immediately be a part of the body. With Jesus as CENTER we could see churches in the same city unite together, combine the resources that God has blessed us with and do purposeful mission work in our cities…To God be the Glory.

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