Interviews with Church Designers

I love reading articles on Sitepoint about best practice and current happenings amongst the website development community.

They recently posted “The Role of Design in Modern Church Marketing” by Darren Hoyt. I thought it was interesting read, but then I found Darren’s full findings on his own blog. Apparently, sitepoint wanted to remove most of the article to “should focus on design and not explicitly religion.”

The full article is called Interviews with Church Designers. It is a great read.

Nathan Smith has some great answers.

The challenge is to faithfully convey the ancient truth of Christ, helping to contextualize the powerful notion of forgiveness, keeping the central theme the same while applying it to the context of today. It is also important not to embellish anything, for God’s redemption stands on its own merit.


I love the transparency of these guys. Again, very good read. David Hopper, you’ve been served.

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