Safest Seat?

It was my wife that first notified me on Twitter about the US Airways crash in the Hudson on Thursday. Shortly after, Twhirl was blowing up as many of my followers and those I follow were commenting about the crash. I was fixed to the web news’ sites after that. Later, after getting home, I was able to fill my need with Fox News and CNN.

safeseatsYahoo (apparently trying to stay relevant) dragged out a July 18, 2007 article from Popular Mechanics as front page featured content.”Study reveals safest seat on an airplane” I immediately  believe that this is a recent study and I am fooled into clicking on the article.

I guess even though it is an 18 month old study, the fact is, the safest place to sit on a plane is in the back.

My mind flashes to the Church. Does the Church have a “safest place to sit?”

We tend to joke about “the back row baptist” and what they bring to a worship experience. I actually found a pretty good article about “The lure of the back pew” from 2003. I nod my head at a few of the comments, and shake my head at others.

Then I think of those people who frown upon some mega churches that make it very easy for someone to slip in and slip out with out being noticed.

In my mind, we are failing in our mission of shining God’s light if we don’t have folks slipping in and sitting on the backrow. Don’t get me wrong. When they do come in, they should be greeted and made welcome. But, a church that doesn’t have visitors or seekers finding their way in should examine themselves. Are they just trying to stay safe and content, or are they providing an environment that welcomes and invites. Impressions are huge, and for a first time visitor (especially first time church-goers) you may only get one chance.

By the way, there is no back row in God’s house. There are windows though. Just ask Eutychus.

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