A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Internet

bigstockphoto_customer_service_213657211So Tuesday night there was some wicked wind outside our house in Norcross. I can only assume that this led to a tree going down somewhere which resulted in our house losing all power.

Luckily the girls were already in bed. Gina and I stumbled around with our phones to find some flash lights. What did people do before the glow of backlit phone screens?

We took care of a few things that needed to be done, found two flashlights and got ready for bed. As I sat in bed, I slowly browsed my Tmobile network Blackberry curve to Georgia Power’s website. I was able to login and “Report a Power Outage.” I knew that it was likely already reported and a known issue, but I also knew that Georgia Power had this option online, so I wanted to give it a whirl.

Success. In a few minutes I had reported my outage. Georgia Power’s website told me that they knew about it, and had in fact already dispatched a crew with X as the crew leader. They even told me that it was estimated that power would be up by 1:43am. They even go further to tell me that they will call me when the power is back on if I need that security. I figure that I’ll wake up about the same time anyway with or without power. Opt out.

Cool. I go to sleep. Around 12:30 the power comes on, lights that we thought were turned off came on and woke us Gina up.

The next day I find out that our linksys wireless access point is not working. Somehow in the shuffle it decided to reset itself and left us with no internet. Now most folks would have all that important information easy to find… you know login info and passwords. I like to live on the edge and I knew that my filing system was not going to yield this information.

I get home from work and proceed to call ATT. “Jim” (who really didn’t sound like a Jim, but who’s keeping real track) helped me with all the information that I need. He kindly reset my password and helped in everyway to make sure that our lack of internet crisis was resolved.

Here are two great examples of customer service that I have experienced in the last 48 hours from two companies that deal with hundreds, thousands, even millions of customers. I felt important. I felt special.

Here’s the God angle.  His service is perfect. Never Fails. He also wants us to give this type of service.  How’s your service these days? Not your Worship Service, your “Service.” Are you being servants as Jesus exampled? Showing concern and care for all those who come in search for assistance and help. How easy do you make it for those who need assistance to seek out that with they are seeking?

I’m a failure at this too often. Gotta remember that.

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