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minesweeper1Google “History of Minesweeper” will yield 617,000 results. The game that we’ve probably all spent way too much time on has its own wikipedia entry, it has you tube videos, remakes, and thousands of pages dedicated to its existence.

I had a couple times this week where I made comments that I felt like I was left out in the middle of a minefield minus the sweeper. I felt like I was having to tiptoe around to keep things from blowing up around me. We all have days like this.

Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you; He will never let the righteous fall. – Psalm 55:22

In Hebrew, Cast means to Throw or Hurl away from yourself. When I fish (read that again, When) I cast my bait out in the water and typically start reeling it back in. I can’t do that with God. I am not to take it back from God. Once I give it over to Him, I should trust Him with it. He will do what is best.

Cares = Worries, burdens, but also refers to our positives. Our talents, our emotions, joy. He wants it all.

He will sustain. Three short words that carry a lot of meaning. God will abide with us, remain with us, Guide, Feed, Nourish…sounds good to me.

With Him by my side, I don’t need a minesweeper. He will lead me safely and without fall.

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