Online Church Rockin’ Easter

As an FYI, I believe that God’s Church is working online. Much of what I pray about personally these days is about the state of the Church. Not specifically Norcross First Baptist Church. The overall Church.

Many people are shocked to hear me talk so positively about the worship experience and teaching that is happening right now online. When I do go online to attend church, it is not a “by myself” experience. There is community. It is a gathering of the saints. It is genuine, authentic worship.

Many of the folks that I follow online right now are on the leading edge of ministry/church online. I believe that God is using this medium right now in the world to grow His followers. He is using it to reach those who are not going to step foot in a brick and mortar church building. More thoughts about this in future posts.

So, wants to make Easter more visible online than ever before. Easter is the time where a lot people come face to face with Jesus and the cross. Because of this, there is high attendance in churches on Easter. Pass this video around to those you know. If you haven’t experienced church online, you may want to try it out now. Come on. Just give up American Idol for one night during the week and go worship your Creator.

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