Takeaways from Off the Blogs: All Ministry Begins around the Ragged Edges of Pain

A few weeks ago I attended Off the Blogs that was hosted by Catalyst One Day in Atlanta. It was a great event. One that I needed at the time. I was going through some really rough, long days at work. Honestly, I knew that I needed to push aside all that was going on and focus on my communion with my Creator.

It was led by Anne, Carlos, and Jon and hosted by Pete. They have a huge following online, and wanted to take a pause to come together as a body of believers. We worshiped for a few minutes led my Aaron Keyes. We prayed together. Then we took a moment for Anne, Carlos, and Jon to get vulnerable with us. They talked of their struggles and how God was working with them and through them in these areas. They wanted to Go First, so that others could Go Second.

It was an evening of authenticity and truth. A time to take off what doesn’t matter and celebrate what does.

It really was an amazing night. I am so thankful to them for putting it together. I was able to get still by myself and meditate with God. I’ve got several bullet points that I wrote down that evening that hit me square between the eyes.  Here was one takeaway from the evening.

Carlos said, “All ministry begins around the ragged edges of pain.”  I jotted it down, but not sure why it made an impression to me at the moment. But over the last few weeks while  I’ve been silent on my own blog , I kept thinking about ministry. What is my role in it? When do I say, yes? When do I say, no? Not sure I have any answers at the moment… I’m still doing a lot of thinking.

Are the ministries that we DO… engaging pain?

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3 thoughts on “Takeaways from Off the Blogs: All Ministry Begins around the Ragged Edges of Pain

    • Thanks, Anne. I hope you’ve been enjoying your blog hiatus. I look forward to you being back. I’m still digesting Mad Church Disease. I’ll be writing on that soon.