Group Blogging Project: #Tribes | Day 2

tribes-coverSo our tribe over at Church Crunch is group blogging through the book Tribes. It should be a lot of fun. I’ve got about a month until my time comes up on the rotation. I plan to hit a few topics along the way as well here on my site. This is day two.  Here are my thoughts about Tribes from from Day 1

So for today the section talks a lot about having  “something to believe in.”  I recently had a friend who mentioned beliefs. My friends in highschool used to joke  that this world was really just a matrix world that existed in one of our friend’s brain. We often joked about this. Now, imagine that I held on to this belief with strong convictions. I will argue with anyone that my friend is a god and he controls and reads our world like a comic book.

Or how about this example. A very real oak tree fell on another friend’s house yesterday from the storms.  He told me it crushed a corner of the house and is going to need a good bit of work to both remove the tree and repair the roof. You and I both could go look at the tree that is now leaning on the house and see the real damage made. What if I were to argue with you that there wasn’t a tree on the house. In fact, I’ll argue that that isn’t real water leaking into the master bedroom from the storm that we had. There doesn’t need to be repair. There was no damage.

Am I right or wrong? If you’re honest with me, you’ll tell me that I’m wrong. You see there is an absolute truth. Either there is a large hole on his roof and an oak tree did the damage, or there isn’t. Either my friend Eric has this whole matrix world imagined in his head or he doesn’t.

At the same time, either Jesus was the Son of God, killed on the cross. Pierced for our transgressions. Sacrificed because we are enemies of the only one true God. Buried in a very real tomb. A very large stone rolled in front of this cave. Very real Roman soldiers placing a royal seal on the tomb and then standing guard at that tomb…knowing that if anything happened to the tomb or the body in the tomb, they’d be killed.

Or he wasn’t.

Absolute Truth or Absolute False.

How do we know this truth? Well, we look around us. Look at the creation to see the Creator. Look at the miracles of this life that aren’t chance. Yes, Miracles happen. Look at the natural law that is written on everyone’s heart and know that it is not our flesh that creates this burden of conscience, it is God that holds a mirror to our soul and lets us see how we’ve blasphemed His name and perverted His character. We give the world a lot of credit. But it is the rocks that cry out that Jesus Christ is Lord. Period.

Truth or False.

Passion is an amazing thing. I’m passionate about my wife. I’m passionate about watching my daughters learn new things.  I’m passionate about Space Flight (kinda wierd for me to throw in at this point… but I am) I’m passionate about social media. I’m passionate about the lost in Norcross. I’m passionate about the Church. I’m passionate about my work. I’m passionate about serving those in need. I’m passionate about reading the God breathed Word in the Bible. I’m passionate about praying for fellow servants in the world. I’m passionate about Jesus.

I’m Passionate about all this, yet in the beginning, when God created the Heavens and the Earth. He was passionate about creating an amazing world that we could live in so that he could be with us. Even when I abandoned Him and ran the other direction, spitting in His face, dragging others around me with my “beliefs”. He was still passionate for me.

Jesus took every beat of the hammer. Every slash of the whip. Every spit, Every shout, Every thorn, and was still PASSIONATE about ME! Passionate about YOU! 

Either true or false.

Why do we celebrate Easter? Not because of bunnys or chocolate or chickens or baskets or egghunts or peeps or white shoes or dresses or pink or family tradition or newness of nature. We celebrate because a very real person who was talked about hundreds of years before His birth.  Savior of the world. Died. was buried. Came back to life as He said He would. No one could have stolen the body. His bones are not still in a tomb. He was seen by hundreds of people. Talked to hundreds of people. Both followers and enemies saw Him. The books of the Bible are better preserved and have a higher authenticity value than dozens of “history” books that we easily validate and teach our children.

Tangent from the blogging project. I love all of you. I hope you know that. Please feel free to talk to me about anything. I don’t have the answers, but I know the God who does. His Son Jesus waited on me to come back to Him. Even when I was a sinner, Christ died for me.

It’s all because of Jesus I’m ALIVE.

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4 thoughts on “Group Blogging Project: #Tribes | Day 2

  1. I don't like the it did or it didn't argument. (I believe it did for the record, but I don't like the argument.) The problem is that there are too many alternatives and illustrations of how your friend might be right. For instance in on of my sociology classes in college the professor used the idea of food as an illustration. "What is food?" By your example of the tree we should be able to concretely say that something is or is not food. But what you eat and what someone else will eat are likely two very different things. I don't perceive rotten cabbage that has been in the ground for up to two years as food. But people in Korea do.

    The issue is that there are different categories. Some things can be clearly in an either/or category (like the tree in the house). Others cannot (like the group called food). Our issue is that some people want to put the resurrection in one category and others want to put it in another. It was a historical event so it should be easy to place it in the "it did or didn't happen" category. The problem for many people (certainly not all) is not whether it happened or not but if it did, what does it mean. I think we as Christians spend too much time on the either/or category of the resurrection and not enough on the what does it mean.

    If it means something then it should be visible in us, sure some people may have issues with did it happen or not, but many people just don't care if they can see that the meaning of the resurrection actually changes a person. I think that the real issue with evangelism is not categorical truth, but lived out truth. If people around us could see lived out truth, then most of them wouldn't worry about categorical truth.

  2. Nice post Andy. I appreciate the thought and heart that went into it.

    Adam, I think you make good point too. Jesus death and resurrection has to be more than historical trivia. We have to show that the same God that raised Jesus from the dead wants to restore and transforms our lives.