Don’t Go to Church: Round of Applause to First Baptist McKinney

gobeI knew that I had heard of this church from somewhere. It just so happens that good friends Robert and Ava Digioia who used to be at First Baptist Norcross, are now members at McKinney. Did you hear what the church is doing this Sunday… They actually are telling people “Don’t Go to Church this Sunday.” Learn more at

The idea is Not to “Go to church…but BE the Church.”  Transform Your World Season, April 19 – May 3, emphases involvement, service, building relationships, and leaving the confines of the church building to “be the church” in the local and world community.

What a remarkable way to demonstrate Love of God in their community.

Now, I know what some will argue. We should do this everyday of the week… Uh, Yeah. Some will think that Sunday is reserved for us to come together in assembly and worship God with one voice. The church, they argue shouldn’t forsake the gathering of the saints… blah. Can you imagine if the nearly 15 Christ Following, Bible preaching, God Fearing churches that are in our city locked the doors for one Sunday and joined together for true service and impact.

I love in Nehemiah where they joined together for a great work rebuilding the wall. Side by side, hand in hand. Oh to see the hand of God move in such a way in our local community.

Think about the worship that will take place as the saints reassemble and begin telling of what God did through this one day of service. One Day. Now, McKinney is doing more than one day, and really they are hoping that this will act as a catalyst to see community service take off. I still have to tip my hat to the congregation of McKinney that would allow their leadership to lead. I’m so looking forward to hearing what happens this Sunday.

What do you think? Would you find it acceptable if the doors were locked one Sunday, and the Church engaged the community on a Sunday?

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5 thoughts on “Don’t Go to Church: Round of Applause to First Baptist McKinney

  1. Not going to church on Sunday and serving the community instead? Yes yes yes!! Being the church rather than going to church? AMEN amen amen! For, how can you go to something that you are!

    Think of it from the opposite angle . . . what if every Christian went to church on Sunday morning. There would be no Christians at work, in the parks, at home, with non-Christian friends outside of church, no Christians visiting the sick, helping the poor, or feeding orphans on Sunday morning anywhere in the world! Is that a good thing? If something is not for everyone to do, then why would it be good if only some of us did it?

    I think your community would change very quickly if every Christian stopped going to church on Sunday morning and instead they all went to serve the community. What if all Christians in your city were out in the community serving every Sunday morning? Can you imagine that? Talk about a visible church! Who would not notice the church on a Sunday?

    I love the idea!!