How Big is Your Equipment

Alright, I have to admit it. That is such a bad title. Perhaps this blog post will get as many viewers as my post about Snot Color. I’ll watch the analytics and let you know.

I’m catching up on my RSS reader tonight. A blog that I have neglected lately belongs to Perry Noble. He is the Senior Pastor of NewSpring in South Carolina.  His latest posts have been titled 16 Questions that will help us make it in ministry. Part 3 was titled “Who is on Your Team?

I’ve never heard this quote before, but Perry writes about a TD Jakes quote:

You can walk onto a construction site and tell how big the job is going to be by the equipment that has been assembled on the site to do the job.  The same thing is true in ministry you can tell the size of the work God is getting ready to do by the people He has brought around you in order to assist you in accomplishing the vision He has placed in you.

Now in some ways, I read that and think… Wow that is so true.

In other ways, I know that God can use anyone to accomplish his will and mission. One of my favorite stories and books in the Bible is Nehemiah. God puts this burden on the heart and mind of Nehemiah to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Nehemiah is the cup bearer to the King, which means that the King is trusting Nehemiah with his life. He’s trusting that Nehemiah would not let poison reach his drink.

But let’s jump forward. Nehemiah convinces the King to allow him to go to Jerusalem to help rebuild the walls. Nehemiah rallies the israelites that are at and around Jerusalem to take on an enormous task. With much riding against them, they begin the work. But you see, God’s hand is on their success.

They rebuild the walls in 52 days! This is only possible by the hand of God reaching down and blessing their efforts. Though many obsticles and chances for failure arise, they succeed.

That is some pretty big equipment!

With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.” —Matthew 19:26

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