Mad Church Disease – Group Blogging Project – Starting June 8th

51exizsjwkl_sl500_aa240_1I had such a fun time with the guys and gals who group blogged through Seth Godin’s Book Tribes, that I was ready to jump at the opportunity of another book project.

In retrospect, maybe a few of us jumped too quickly!

The “tribe” at was discussing what would be the next book and someone offered Mad Church Disease by Anne Jackson. This sounded like a fantastic idea to me. I don’t work at a church full time, but I serve in multiple capacities and wear many hats for my church. When I read through the book for the first time, I was near burnout in many ways. The book’s subtitle reads “Overcoming The Burnout Epidemic.” Let’s just say that I am passionate about volunteering and serving, and I know that there are others like me out there in the world. I was very excited about sharing takeaways and life application with others who have read the book. Therefore, I was psyched about reading through this with the gang.

However, another book was offered. Flickering Pixels: how technology shapes your faith by Shane Hipps was discussed as an option. Given… is:

…a technology blog covering any and every form of web technology as it relates to businesses, ministries, marketing, trends, products, services, news, strategy, research, and anything that is (or may prove to be) effectual in sharing the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Our desire is to challenge and encourage you to explore how web technology is changing the face of ministry and how we engage redemptively in a new and exciting online landscape and culture.

Flickering Pixels is the obvious choice as our second project book. It looks to be a great read. I have not read it yet, but I am participating with that group as well. Read more about the Flickering Pixels Group Blogging Project Here.

All that said… A few of us are going to go ahead and read through Mad Church Disease anyway. Starting June 8th, There will be 11 bloggers leading the discussion through the book. A few details are still to be worked out, but here’s the batting order.

It should be fun. Who knows, Anne might stop by and join the conversation.  I look forward to hearing how everyone deals with this very prevalent disease of the church.

We all need to make sure that nothing that we do interferes with our communion with Christ.

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