The Wackiest Wildest Weirdest Animals in the World by Jack Hanna

wackybookFirst off, this book is geared towards children. It has neat information about 30 different animals that are considered either Wacky, Wild, or Weird.

I think it is funny that as I was reading the list of animals to my 6 year old the first time, she asked me, “How is that animal ‘Wacky’?” That is when I realized that some of the animals were labeled Wacky, some Wild, and some Weird.

The book is an interesting/educational book with very good pictures. It has a lot of information about the animals. Some of the animals are your “better known” animals such as a black rhinoceros or lion,  while other animals are “lesser known” (at least to the dad) such as the Echidna or the Binturong.

It is an attractive book with very good photography and consistant fact boxes on each page. The typography is well done too. Very nice use of fonts, color, and themes to further enhance the attractiveness of the book.

It also came with a blooper out-take DVD of Jack Hanna through the years. It was interesting to me as the adult to watch, because I honestly only know Jack Hanna from the late night shows, but obviously he has been around for years. I guess I missed out on him and his shows growing up as a kid.

One of the very first things that we as a family realized and thought was missing from the book was basic pronunciation of the animal names. Other than that minor missing detail, it is a great book to add to the kids bookshelf. A suggested price of $19.99 may be on the high end for this book though.

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