Where am I This Week?

It has been a crazy week thus far. I haven’t been able to do my normal writing. We’ve got Vacation Bible School going on this week. I’m doing three things this week for the kids. I’ll get back to my normal routine starting this weekend.

img_0251First I’m playing the role of Peter during the morning drama time. I’ve had a 3 to 5 minute monologue each day. It has been interesting.

Second, I’m helping in the Gym for Recreation. We’ve been doing relay races. Tom and I plus 3 student helpers have been keeping the kids from killing themselves.

Last, I’ve been helping with computer graphics for the main worship time. I set everything up and also run it, although Tuesday, I had one of the students help me so that I could get back to work for a meeting. I will be working on a week summary video for a family rally that is happening Thursday night. That should be fun.

This is Norcross First Baptist’s 83rd consecutive VBS. That’s pretty exciting to think about the number of kids in 83 years who have been taught God’s True Word during the week.

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2 thoughts on “Where am I This Week?

  1. 83 straight years!!! I can't imagine doing anything for 83 years in a row…but by now you're just holding out for 100 right??

    i hope it's just as awesome as the first time they rolled it out, back in 1926!

    • Well… I think it has changed a lot in 83 years from meeting in homes to having inflatable kangaroos. The kids enjoy it. It is nice to see the body come together for it to. We have a lot of folks volunteering this week.