Unused Wedding Gifts

IMG00206My wife’s parents have this fondue set in their attic. Apparently, they got it as a wedding gift 40 years ago. First off, I hope that this is not some family secret that I am not supposed to be revealing to the world.  I’m not real sure if they’ve used it or not. During the 11 years that my wife and I have been married… plus the 5 years that we dated, we’ve joked about this gift that has been unused and packed away.  BUT this weekend, I realized that I have a “fondue set.”

25  years from now, our daughters and maybe their boyfriends or husbands will come across this box in our garage or attic and wonderquestion… laugh at us.

The “Little Pal” Portable Grill Cooker is apparently great for picnics, sports, beach, camping, and fishing (it says so on the box.) My wife and I keep telling each other that one of these days, we may have a time where we’ll want to use it. We’re getting ready to go camping… maybe we should take it with us. Nah.

So I was thinking tonight about the kinds of gifts God has given us that we leave unopened up on a shelf. As the Giver, He has given us things that He knows will be helpful to us – things that we’ll enjoy using. Why are they still on the shelf? Imagine how sad it will be 20 years from now when we look back and realize that we’ve got these “gifts” just collecting dust and rust.

Got any gifts that need to be put to use?

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