The Hole in our Gospel by Richard Stearns

holeI finished this book a few days ago, and wanted to write about it. I had absolutely no idea going into reading this book what it was about. I had heard that it was a good read and was not disappointed.

Rich Stearns is the United States President of World Vision. The first several chapters describes how Rich struggled with God’s calling upon his life to accept the job at World Vision. He had had very successful positions (the last being CEO of Lenox, Inc) and could not understand why God would want him to take the job with World Vision. Finally after the realization that God was seeking him for this position and calling, he took the job. The rest of the book paints the picture of the world we live in and how we as christians have a hole in our lives that comes from ignoring the poor in our world.

When I was in highschool I took a mission trip to Shiprock, New Mexico. The images of how many of the navajo were living are still quite vivid in my mind. I have not been to other parts of the world like Richard was describing, but as I read the book, these images came to my mind. The sad thing is, my images are still probably nicer than some of the conditions that children of the world are in. The book is definitely a wake up call to me as a “westerner christian” that is going through life with blinders on regarding the hurt that is taking place elsewhere.

I think about how many loaves and fish I have and wonder what God can do with them.

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