The LORD is My Banner

Read this today.

“Moses built an altar and named it The LORD is My Banner”
Exodus 17:15

It sparked a memory I had of  growing up at North Peachtree Baptist Church. We used to have these banners that had some of the names of God on them. I specifically remember an I AM, and an ALPHA AND OMEGA. It always struck me as an odd thing to have. But, boy did we have the banners. There were about 8 of them that were “unveiled” during the years. I’m not sure if someone in the congregation created them, or if they were purchased through (Wait…the internet wasn’t around when we had these things… Must have been a christian catalog)

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Have you ever seen these things? Perhaps you still use them. I wonder if North Peachtree still has them.

Typically, there would be some sort of special song/musical that was sung by the choir (remember the 80’s and 90’s)and at the climax of the arrangement, these banners would be marched in on tall poles and then set up on the the platform or around the sides of the sanctuary.

At North Peachtree, they didn’t remain displayed for all to see 365 days a year. After the special occasion and need for them, they must have returned to their secret climate controlled containers until their next use. (OK, I’m kidding)

I gather from looking at the website listed above, that most churches will purchase these and display them permanently.

Now hear me out. I actually don’t have a problem with them, WHEN USED IN GOOD TASTE! Psalm 20:5 reminds us to “shout for joy over our salvation and in the name of God set up banners!” These banners, whether figurative or tangible,  remind us of the fact that our salvation was won in battle. It was War that Jesus Prevailed!

In fact, if you think about it, use of creative media in churches might be traced back to these banners. Before powerpoint there was fabric and thread! Ha, that makes me smile a bit.

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2 thoughts on “The LORD is My Banner

  1. From my mom who will leave a comment on facebook, but not post it on the blog itself.

    "We still got those banners. Ms. Tee Johnson so wonderfully crafted them and has since gone to be with Jesus. Her faith and talents are so evident as the banners stand each Sunday in the church."

    Oh yeah, and Terry McLeod "Liked This" on Facebook.

  2. haha HT to mom! I've always thought the old banners were….cheesy. just me.

    But i imagine, get some 21st century photoshop love in there, and you could make some pretty sweet new ones.