What was it Like?

Today I started reading Joshua. I finished the first five books of the Bible with relative ease. I have several blogs that I’ve started that are related to various stories in the pentateuch, but I wanted some help from you guys and gals unpacking an idea for me.

What was it like for this “New Generation” as they crossed the Jordan River?

I assume that they understood that the reason they were hanging out in the wilderness eating manna in the first place was because of the disobedience of the previous generation. I assume that they knew they could not cross over the Jordan until the previous generation had passed.


What was it like for those in that previous generation?

They had to know that their disobedience was holding the whole nation back from the land that flowed with milk and honey. Their unfaithfulness that God was punishing them for could not be appeased by one of the many sacrifices that God had instructed them to perform as in other cases. They had sinned against God Almighty Himself. The very literal punishment of their sin was death.

It is more of  a rhetorical question, but what would have resulted if one of these next generation kids decided to leave the wilderness and go into the Promised Land? First off, we can say, that God wouldn’t have allowed it, but taking bold steps of faith is almost demanded/expected of us now. God was punishing an entire generation of the Israelites… What would have happened if Caleb and Joshua decided to split from the group with the youngsters and take the land that God had promised? Again, I understand that it is a silly question.

I believe that it would have been very difficult to sit in the desert as those around died off waiting for the promises of God to come to be.

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