Sometimes You Just Have to Take the Difficult Paths

This Post is actually a couple months old. I remembered it yesterday as we took the hill again. I never posted it here. But Now I am.

On months that my wife is working in the nursery during worship, I am actually the first one who is able to go pick up my older daughter from A.K., which is our church’s children’s church. It is funny sad that by the time I get done with closing up the media production room and am able to get across the street to the education building, she is normally one of the last ones being picked up. I’ve tried to get over there faster and am doing a better job at it.

tabithaA couple months ago, we started a new Sunday morning tradition. If the weather is nice, we exit the side doors of the education building and climb the hill through the bushes to get to the upper level. Yes, we could take the stairs like everyone else in the church does, but we choose to take the hard way.

It is a path that I’m sure has been there for dozens of years. I’m sure kids have long been using that path to avoid the stairs, much to the chagrin of their parents . I’m not real sure if anyone else uses that path anymore at our church, and as odd as it is, I want to make sure that path stays visible and usable. I also want her to subtly know that, sometimes, you have to take the difficult paths to get to your goal. Not every path has government regulated 5 foot wide rubber step treads with handrails on both sides. Sometimes, the path goes through briars and thorns.

I’m sure we look pretty funny climbing the hill in our Sunday clothes, but as simple as it is, we enjoy doing it together.

By the way, one of the best parts of the climb is that you can’t help but look at the cross on the way up. Isn’t that cool?

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