12 of 12: August 2009

It has been a long time and on a blog far, far away that I participated in a 12 of 12. This is the brainchild of my brother, Chad who lives in Los Angeles. Please click here to read all about it. Typically Chad has had 50+ folks from all over the world take part in this. It is interesting to see what other people are doing during the day.

The general idea is take 12 pictures on the 12th of each month that would show things you do during the day. Originally, the plan was to have atleast some body part in the photos. Perhaps some folks who read my blog would like to participate next month.

Here’s this month.

Good Morning AVIDDesign

I try to start each day at my desk with a quick read from the Bible.
Today was 1 Samuel 15 and 16. See my post here about Looking at the Heart for my takeaways from it. Morning team meeting at the big board to discuss projects and deadlines. We have a 4ft x 8ft white board that helps with task management. Each morning, we gather to review the more than 20 projects that we have going on and where problems may be. FILE0045

I spent most of the day working on a powerpoint presentation for a meeting that I have tomorrow at Columbus Regional Healthcare System. 

I’m trying to be better about drinking water more…again… I have a cup from the cruise that my wife and I took last fall. I’m hoping that it will remind me to drink water instead of the sodas at work. It has served its purpose so far this week. Intake of soda at work is down.

Of course, if you’re following me on Facebook or twitter, you know that at one point in time today, there was a mountain dew calling me from the vending machine. I resisted until about 4:00 this afternoon. It got to be stressful towards the end of the day. (oh yeah, notice that we actually have two slots for Diet Coke and two slots for Mountain Dew. They’re popular at the office.


Yep, more sitting at the desk working.

HOME PAGE DESIGN APPROVED! We’ve got 4 projects that are going to be launched in under 30 days. Lots of work to do.FILE0041

Talking to a west coast client on the way out the door. I’m on my way to church for Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting. I stayed on the phone all the way to the church parking lot and then the signal died on me, because of the dead cell zone at our church. Remember my post about “Zero Bars and No Service?”
Prepping worship computer graphics for the next two Sundays. I didn’t make it to prayer meeting that was happening simultaneously with the praise band rehearsal.

Apparently business has been so good at the Gwinnett Daily Post they’ve decided to give us a free subscription. For the past week or two, our driveway has been littered with them. Dear Gwinnett Daily Post, I don’t want your paper. I have the internet. Please go away. Oh, and please let your paper boy know that I don’t want the ones you throw out at my mailbox either. I realize that it is confusing that we live on the corner of two streets, but 2 newspapers are unneccesary.

Who am I kidding the entire newspaper industry is unneccesary.

Ironing a dress shirt for the presentation tomorrow. We gotta be on the road early. It really doesn’t get more exciting than this. Need to go to bed earlier tonight. No Conan.


See!!! Wasn’t that exciting? Make sure you check out the other ones from other folks this month. It really is interesting to check them out. You may have to come back tomorrow after Chad gets them all entered in.


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2 thoughts on “12 of 12: August 2009

  1. I like that project white board, it's a good idea! (says the PA in me 😉 )

    And yeah, the newspapers would get annoying. As Ted says (on How I met Your Mother), "Everything on the internet now".

  2. I might have to implement the white board idea — we're having trouble tracking projects in a way that the Big Boss can see them all. If he had his way, the white board would be in his office (the problem being that he's one of those people whose office it is impossible to get in and out of without being drawn into a really long conversation …)

    I've been trying to drink more water, too. I've made it to the point where I doublefist: I've got a soda in the right hand, and a glass of water in the left. That's progress, right??

    Nice 12!