Not another Post about Grunting in Tennis

I’m sitting here watching The Venus Williams vs Dushevina match on ESPN from the US Open tonight. First off, I think I need to start playing tennis again. I always found it fun when I played, specifically because I played for fun. I wasn’t overly serious about it.

Gosh there sure is a lot of grunting going on from Venus. Not so much on the other side of the net. I still feel like this is not a problem. I wrote on July 4th, What’s wrong with all the Grunting in Tennis. You should read it. Leave your thoughts if you either agree or disagree with me.

On that note…

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5 thoughts on “Not another Post about Grunting in Tennis

  1. Man, I think, grunt away, we should all grunt, grunt while doing surgery, driving, worshipping, preaching, serving ice cream, grunt while making paper air planes. Grunting shows the passion that we do our do's with right? I vow to try to grunt this saturday when I run my long run of 10 miles, I will grunt with every step, or until I pass out. Let me just say, grunt away during tennis play (did I just rhyme?). Are we so proper as to make illegal the guttural noise of 110% effort? No! But, alas, serious, stuffy, tennis fans might be. I guess it might feel like the ALL ANNOYING "GET IN THE HOLE" on the golf course, I can't stand it! I'm sleeping soundly on Sunday and then suddenly "Get in the hole!" Please! I've just been to church, ate a big meal, I need my sleep. It is annoying, so maybe to tennis fans, real tennis fans it is a terrible evil growing. Soon, people in the stands will begin to yell "Ace that loser" with every serve or start to wear big foam hats and scream "Its out, its out" with every volley. Now i've convinced myself, maybe its best to get rid of the grunt….just maybe.

    • Wow Mike, I think you just talked me out of it too. I haven’t considered the “Get in the Hole” screams. Very True… hmmm.