“Those people are condescending !@$#%. There is no excuse in the universe for these kinds of attitudes and actions. My heart breaks for you and what you have experienced. I don’t think therapists are qualified to deal with the kind of hurt and pain that has been inflicted on you and continues to weigh you down at just the glimpse of a lame saying on a church marquee.”

Curtis Honeycutt recently wrote an Open Letter to Those Who Have Been Burned by the Church.  Well worth the read.

If this letter applies to you, and you’ve been burned by the church. I am sorry.  I hope that you can open your mind to the fact that even though we’ve screwed up (which has “caused you to never want anything to do with Christians, church, or God ever again.”)  there is Truth that you need to know.

Seek and you will find. Let me know if I can help direct your search.

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