Facebook Suicide : Redefining my Strategy

I’ve done it.

Social Media Suicide.

Starting with Facebook.

facebookI’ve been a member of Facebook for quite a while. I only had 388 ‘friends’ on Facebook (which is a lot less than most, but too many for me) As of this evening, I will remove every single connection within Facebook.  I am removing all applications that I am a part of. I am removing ‘Notes’ that I’ve posted on Facebook because I have a blog that I will focus on. (www.andydarnell.com) I will be reorganizing the way I handle images and video. I will personally remain with several groups that are on here, but will likely remove many other connections. Why you ask?


We fill our lives with so much Noise. And believe me… I know that I am a big part of that noise. I want to take a step back and reform connections with those who a) actually want that connection in the first place b) want conversations rather than Noise and c) allow me to make Facebook a place that is less about me and more about you. Facebook is an amazing tool that can be used to reconnect with folks that I typically would not, but at the same time, I miss out on actual conversations with people I care for most because I have a ‘Facebook’ friendship instead.

Facebook fan pages for businesses and organizations are great because it does allow for communication within the tribe of followers. It is a great way for hype and advertise what is going on within your organization. It is a great place to encourage and support those who are members of the tribe.

However, it all gets pretty Noisy.

By the way, I have been using Twitter much more recently for quick conversations, and WILL also be restructuring my follow lists too.

If you want to stay connected with me, please do so. I just want to clean up and simplify my lists. I want it to count. I will be reconnecting with a few of you, but will rely on most of you to engage with me.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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9 thoughts on “Facebook Suicide : Redefining my Strategy

  1. Andy my friend, I applaud your boldness, agree with your opinions and feel that I too may soon follow your lead and do the same. While I appreciate the re- connections to people long lost in my past, I can see my life still going on without knowing what those people had for lunch. I have recently found myself too drawn into mindlessly being on facebook for way too much time reading about what might be going on in other's lives instead of getting out and living my own. I feel it has become a bit of a Narcissistic epidemic in a way. A "look at what I am doing & how great my life is" mentality that feeds into the attitude of mainstream society.
    I am obviously painting with a broad brush here and generalizing as this does not apply to everyone that uses facebook (aren;t there like 14 million people now?) But I too feel the need to stop the noise in my life and basically remove one more thing that just wastes time that I could more dutifully using elsewhere to better my life or better yet, the lives of others.

    I will follow you into battle, Oh captain my captain. STOP THE NOISE!!!

    Your Friend, Erik Bomboy