Book of Romans Experiment: Chapter 1:1-15

1_1-15I’m reading through the entire book of Romans each day through the month of November. I’ve been greatly blessed by this. First off, I can’t believe how easy it is now to read through all 16 chapters. I’m not skimming. I’m actually reading. Each time through, I find something that makes me pause and ponder. I’m writing notes in the margins of my tiny ESV. I’m underlining. I’m finding it easy to follow Paul’s thought pattern as he was writing to those early christians in Rome.

I’m gonna attempt to now blog about the experience. Maybe not every day, but I will try each chapter to hit a few things.

In chapter 1, Paul is opening the letter telling those who will receive it that he has been longing to come to them. He really wants to come so that they can be encouraged by his visit, but also so that he can be encouraged by their company and fellowship. My mind has dwelled on current day teachers of God’s Word. I’m curious how many people long for the fellowship of other believers. I hear of God’s movement in churches all over the world. Many churches in the south are seeing crazy movements of God taking place right now. I know that through podcasts and itunes, I can hear the preaching of these great God gifted teachers. I wonder how many of them would feel encouraged by stepping into our buildings. If these teachers came to your church, what kind of reception would they receive? What kind of fellowship would take place?

I’ll stop there. Why dive into the next few verses when this deserves the discussion first. Go.

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One thought on “Book of Romans Experiment: Chapter 1:1-15

  1. It's a good question, how many people long for Christian relationships? idk..

    But I'm not sure I've seen the crazy movements of God in the south. Of course I would hope for that, what are you seeing?