Book of Romans Experiment: Chapter 1:16-32


This is a tough section. I’m thankful that God didn’t give up on me. I look around and see the evidence of His love and His wrath.

I pray that He won’t give up on those whom I love and want to see receive the gift of His grace and Love. I don’t want to see His wrath upon them and the removal of Himself from them.


v 16 – Paul is taking a stand. Knowing that what he is writing / preaching is not from him, it is from God.

v 18 – Wrath – While God is a god of Love, God’s Wrath is very real. His wrath and the various types of His wrath are a warning to us, because in …

v19-22 – God has revealed Himself to all. No one has excuse. His creation shows who He is.Yet…

v23 – 25 – Even though they know that truth, they turn away we made other things into our idols. Turned junk into a god. Worshiped these things instead of worshiping Him. They try to do it their way.

V26-32 – Scares me that some can be turned over to the sin that they continue in. At some point, God removes Himself from them.

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