Second Life – It Ain’t For Me

secondlifeI guess I call myself an Early Adopter to new technology. Especially when it comes to social media, I try to at least try it out to see what it is and why someone would want to use it.

Second Life is a virtual world that has been around since 2003. Here it is at the end of 2009 and I have never tried it out. Well, I can now check this online app off my todo list.

The only reason I decided to try it out was because I knew that has a campus online. They have built an amazing environment online. I did not interact with anyone because no worship services were taking place at the moment. The building was completely empty. It was neat to be able to walk around the children’s environment and even walk up on stage. I was able to purchase a virtual Mountain Dew from a vending machine.

There you go. I tried it. I get why there are people in this world that play in this online fantasy world. It ain’t for me. At the same time, I realize that there is a generation that does get this type stuff and we have to try and understand how to reach through the noise and tell them about Jesus.

I’ll probably uninstall the player and delete my “resident.”

For more information on Second Life, you can check out this extensive wikipedia page.

Is anyone else playing Second Life and actually enjoy it?

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3 thoughts on “Second Life – It Ain’t For Me

  1. Lots of people do, Andy. SL is a vast, complex environment and it is not easy to grasp it at first try. Most people who try it leave after a short time. It was the same for me almost 3 years ago. The first couple of months were probably the less interesting I spent in SL and only the curiosity I had for what was a new medium with lots of potentiality kept me in it. Three years later I run a community with a group of friends and I am as busy as ever.

    The best way to really understand SL is to network to people, start projects, get busy with things that interest you. SL is an exceptionally creative tool, it allows you to find talents in yourself you didn't know you had. Most of all, don't look at it as a game for young people. A large part of SL users are over 40 (I am one of them). Think of SL a platform that lets you create projects of all kind, whether for entertainment or serious stuff. That's the way it worked for me and lots of other people.

  2. yea I'm not going to drink the Second Life Kool Aid.
    I feel like First Life is hard enough!
    Don't get me wrong, I spent a gross tonne of time playing video games and loved them. But I decided they don't really matter, and I get addicted too quickly. So it was time to stop.

    Anyway I'm glad you tried it out, I'm certain it would be very fun, but not for me.