Worship: Relevance vs. Reverence

I listened to this again today. Good Stuff.

All through Church history… it has fought over music style.

Here is a great video from Lifeway Worship which is actually a Q/A with Ed Stetzer and Mike Harland.

It is an interesting conversation about first understanding that worship should be about God and not personal ideology that is selfish – ME CENTERED. Also much is discussed about worship being done in context with the community that is assembled. Ultimately, What does the Bible Say about it all.

Part of the original Advertisement for the online discussion was:

Never before in the history of the church has there been as great a divide among pastors about what it means to “worship” in church. Feelings have been hurt, the work of the Gospel has been hindered, hearing aids have been blown and staff members have been fired over controversies that the rest of the world just looks at and folds their arms over. At the heart is the question: do we need worship ministries that are in the world, but not of it, or that are of the world, but not in it? What fulfills the calling of scripture?

A couple good discussions from it:

  • Is Blended Worship a real option or a sad compromise from traditional to contemporary.
  • Blended Worship is the Equal Opportunity to make Everyone Mad.
  • God is not about Ritual or a template… He is about Relationship. Are we serving the template or God.
  • Should Music Style Be a Church Growth Strategy? (Or at least part of strategy discussion)

Reverence vs Relevance from LifeWay Productions on Vimeo.


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5 thoughts on “Worship: Relevance vs. Reverence

  1. I read a chapter from a book entitled "This Side of Heaven: Race, Ethnicity, and Christian Faith" a while back (you can see the book on Google Books, but that chapter isn't available unfortunately). The chapter was about two churches that attempted to merge; one church was predominantly white and the other predominantly black. As the situation progressed, one of the chief conflicts was over the style of worship, and it was fascinating to see the significance of this clash. Each group wanted to preserve their style of worship. I believe they ended up mixing the two worship styles, doing an every-other-song kinda thing…or something. Great read, though.