FarmVille? No Thank You

Well, after clearing the noise of facebook and finally taking a look at SecondLife, I decided to venture into the world of FarmVille. I know that many of you are doing this. In fact, it is widely known and spoken about in my social media consultant circles that FarmVille is actually bigger than Twitter. Well, I bet if you look at the ‘active’ FarmVille roles, than you’d find out that you could equate that to the ‘active’ roles that most churches experience. A lot of people joined, but not a lot of people still attend. I guess the same could be said of Twitter, but I believe Twitter actually has higher percentage of users that signed up and are still using.



I don’t get it. This comes from someone who actually enjoyed the sim games. I enjoy the concept of building your own little world. I like the strategy part of it. I enjoy the concept of starting small and upgrading over time as you build your own little farm universe. I see how it would be fun to add neighbors, who can assist you in the needs of the farm.

I’ll stick to webkinz. I can do the same thing over there with TCD and PDD and watch them grow their crops.

I may stay with it a little longer to see if the addiction that A LOT of people (including many of you!) have in this game. Let me know if you want to be “neighbors.”

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One thought on “FarmVille? No Thank You

  1. It is a form of addiction. Addictions are a distraction from daily life, from what we should be doing or focusing on. You may start with Webkinz but eventually that isn't enough, you want to grow things and have 'real' neighbors. What do we get out of it? We feel we have a connection to other people, albeit not real people. Sort of like Facebook. We are connected….but only in our minds, to other people. Those posts, pictures and updated aren't real. They can't substitute for tangible relationships.

    It is all mind numbing the way alcohol can be….and it's never enough.

    We nurture the same kind of empty relationships in church, too. Ones that don't stay with us, ones that motivate us for the wrong reasons….and sometimes we reap just as much as we do in FarmVille…NOTHING.

    That's just my penny's worth…..I got harvesting do do. 😉