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One of the huge reasons that I follow a lot of people on Twitter in the “church world” are precisely because of tweets like these. Carlos Whitaker aka @loswhit dropped an amazing tweet on Wednesday this week. I quickly screen-captured it for personal pondering.

I have no idea what caused him to break this truth down into 140 characters. No idea what situation he was in at the moment. No idea if this was a shotgun tweet or a sniper shot tweet, yet it caused me to stop and work through.  As I’ve been reading through Romans for the past month, a verse that has time and time again haunted me is Romans 2:24.

“The name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you.”

We Christians make a mess of things. I cringe at the hatred that is spewed out by our team…towards our team. Have you ever wanted to walk out of the room when you hear a brother slam another brother. Carlos is right on this point. The Jealousy and Bitterness that we direct at each other is sin and needs to be dealt with. And when non-Christians see us in these low times, we are blaspheming the name of our God.

I’m sad to say that I’ve been a part of it. I try to not. I do things and say things that do not want to.

I’m trying. I’m growing. I realize that I am no longer enslaved to sin. My wild nature has been grafted into the tree. I am trying to be transformed in my mind. Testing, discerning the will of God which is Good and Acceptable and Perfect. I try to live in harmony with others. I try to put on Jesus.

Can we all agree to work on this?

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