New Technology in Communion Preparation

One of the responsibilities that I have as a Deacon at my church is to ensure that we have enough needed supplies for those times that we take Communion. We have the standard Silver Communion Trays that you can find in “established” churches in America.

While I was out this last week, I stopped by the Family Christian Bookstore at North Point Mall. I needed to pick up some plastic cups and some wafer crackers. While I as in there, I discovered that there is a new technology in Communion Preparation.

How cool is this:

p70dCelebration Cups

Double-sealed and disposable, individual Celebration® wafer and juice sets combine modern convenience and purity with a taste for tradition. The elements are prepackaged, with both wafer and juice in a single two-part container. Communion participants peel back one seal to remove the communion wafer. A second seal under the wafer is then removed for juice. Remembrance® cups are designed to fit standard communion ware. Box contains 100, 250 or 500 ready-to-use cups.

A Versatile New Resource for Celebrating Communion

  • Six Month Shelf Life
  • More Cups for Less
  • New Push Up and Peel Back Tab
  • No Special Preparation Required
  • Sized for Standard Communion Trays
  • Packaged and Sealed for Purity
  • Unused Sets May Be Stored for Future Use
  • No Refrigeration Necessary

My mind immediately went to “I bet there are plenty of churches that if they tried this it would not be accepted. The poor guy who tries to present this as a viable option for doing communion would be laughed at and forced to return the product for refund.”

We get so set in our ways that the tradition replaces the authentic worship that we should be doing.

Just curious, I know that I have a lot of folks reading this blog from a lot of different types of churches. Have you heard of these? Do you use them? I’d love the feedback.

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6 thoughts on “New Technology in Communion Preparation

  1. wow.
    ok I can't fault the efficiency of this way, but really makes it very robotic.
    I wonder if there are Churches that have a Communion Vending Machine.
    $1 for each item.
    $5 if you want real wine

  2. "Efficiency" has created and is driving our fast-paced culture. We are constantly looking for new and faster ways to do things and as a result we are a nation that is always on the go. One of the purposes of communion is reflection. It is a time for us to forget about the million other things we have going on in our lives and focus on Jesus and His sacrifice for us. In this case, I think the communion tradition is a means to having everyone come back to a slower pace so true reflection can occur. As someone who is always on the go, its nice to have a time where I can sit back and slow down and for me, that is when authentic worship occurs. Our culture tries to make everything fast-pased so why should we throw communion into that mix? Wouldn't that just be "conforming to the patters of this world?"

      • I have to admit that the idea behind my comment came from posing the question to my dad =) When we do communion at Buckhead, they place tables around the worship center with cups of juice and broken pieces of bread (the real thing) and then they play music and either allow everyone to go as they feel lead or a member of the host team leads each row up to one of the tables. We usually do communion during Night of Worship, which is coming up in January, so you could come check it out.