Why I like Jeff Henderson

Oh to have this passion. Read this appeal from Jeff Henderson to the members of Buckhead Church.

It’s my experience that, generally speaking, many Christians aren’t investing in unbelievers. If we’re not careful, we will drift into holy huddles of believers and isolate ourselves. Maybe we just don’t know how to bridge the gap and begin a conversation about Jesus. So we immerse ourselves in our daily lives and soon we aren’t spending time with anyone who isn’t already a follower of Jesus. I just don’t want us to drift into that danger zone. After all, one of the reasons Buckhead Church exists is as a resource for you to use to reach those who are far from God.

Read. Do.

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One thought on “Why I like Jeff Henderson

  1. Most people and churches have the same issues, even if they are unwilling to express them. I spoke with a friend of mine at a small local church near me and he mentioned it was the churches/pastors job to reach the lost in the community. Who knew? I thought that was the job of every Christian. We as Christians in America seem to have lost this very important mandate – Go and Tell. Our churches should be overflowing with new Christians…but alas, the greatest stumbling block for people coming to Christ is…well, us – Christians. At least Jesus can overcome all.