You at the Barricade Listen to This!

cyt-les-miserablesReading this story today about an Anglican Priest who is advising his congregation to shoplift if needed this Christmas season, made me think of Les Miserables.

The Rev Tim Jones said in his Sunday sermon that stealing from successful shops was preferable to burglary, robbery or prostitution.

He told parishioners it would not break the eighth commandment ‘thou shalt not steal’ because it ‘is permissible for those who are in desperate situations to take food that they might not starve’.

Ummm… no.

I do not offer such advice because I think that stealing is a good thing, or because I think it is harmless, for it is neither.

‘I would ask that they do not steal from small family businesses, but from large national businesses, knowing that the costs are ultimately passed on to the rest of us in the form of higher prices.

‘I would ask them not to take any more than they need. I offer the advice with a heavy heart. Let my words not be misrepresented as a simplistic call for people to shoplift.

Sorry dude. I don’t have to misrepresent your words. You did it for yourself. The Church should be taking care of needs of the people. We are called to take care of the poor and those in need. When the church is doing her job the way God intended, then needs would be met through her.

What do you guys and gals think? This is crazy, right?

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4 thoughts on “You at the Barricade Listen to This!

  1. Huh, what?
    I am more concerned about what this guy drinks before hand. And what other lies he preaches.
    goodness me.
    Next thing he'll be saying it's ok to commit adultery – but only when you really need to.
    Ummm… no.
    Ummm… no.
    Ummm… no.

  2. I agree, Andy. Stealing's not stealing if you 'need' it???
    The HUGE issue here is what you said, that the Church should be taking care of these 'needs'.
    And sometimes those in "need" need to go get what is being offered to them. There are food banks, meals-on-wheels, health dept., food stamps, free public education w/ all meals included and fairly soon we will have government healthcare for all, maybe even with breakfast included.
    I wonder what his parishioners 'needs' are.