Gears That Should But Can’t Turn

gearsI recently saw this image of three gears together and while it is a nice stock photo of three gears interlocked and apparently ready to work together, it can’t work that way. No matter what you do these three gears will lock up.

Not sure what I’m talking about?

Look at it. If gear #1 is going clockwise, Gears 2 and 3 will try to go counter-clockwise. However, note that if #2 is trying to go counter-clockwise, 1 and 3 will try to go clockwise. The image, while looking nice, just can’t work as depicted.

The simplicity complexity that I see in this complex simple image is powerful.

  • We’re designed to work together.
  • It takes all the gears working together to run the machine.
  • If any one gear gets stripped or bogged down by an external substance, it could wreak havoc on the overall system
  • When the design of the machine is incorrectly planned, then the gears can get pressed into situations to work that in the end will not work.
  • Small gears plugged into strategic positions can cause the entire machine to work that much more efficiently
  • We often want to fill all the positions, or even place more and more into a design to make it happen. Most of the time ‘simple’ is best. KISS.

I’ve often spoken of how much I enjoy the book of Nehemiah. There are so many interesting angles and stories in it. Even a chapter like chapter 3 is interesting. While most people get bogged down with the unpronounceable names of the people, I get excited about it. 40 sections of the wall are mentioned. None more important than the next. Each one the workers are working “next to” – side by side. That’s awesome. I’m sure that some were more skilled than others. Some were faster than others. Some were stronger than others. But each of them worked with passion and purpose. They were gears of a machine (a machine ordained by God BTW)

We’re gears too. A part of the Master’s Design. Have you considered that? We have a purpose. We should be working together to achieve that purpose. When properly calibrated and aligned we can achieve that purpose. When opposing each other, no gear can spin or work properly.

Going into 2010, I want to be more ‘cog’nizant of the Master’s Design. I want to make sure that the things that I do are purposeful. I’ll be saying ‘no’ a lot more than I have in the past. I don’t want to become the gear that gets chipped, stripped, or gunky. I want God to fit and place me right where He’s designed me to be.

[Photo by ralphbijker. HT: Lifehacker]

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