Follow up to “An Open Letter to Scott Myers”

On January 2, 2009 I wrote a post titled “An Open Letter to Scott Myers.” I love my brother Scott. He has done more to build into me than he knows. Scott, I thank you. It has been awesome getting to know you. Your love for God and the Word has been very lifting to my soul this past year.

Here was my original response:

While I will continue to read the Word, I will not be able to live up to this particular challenge. Scott, I’m sorry. As mentioned in previous posts, I want to be transparent about my walk. One thing that I resolved (dude I hate the phrase “New Years Resolutions”) is to watch less television in 2009. Less reality shows for me is going to be a huge change in my life! I am committing to spend that time reading more and growing in holiness.

Now, I’m not sure how his 2009 Bible Challenge went, but I do know how my year went. In all reality, I probably did watch less TV. I didn’t track it, but I feel that I probably knocked my TV time down. (I know that I can still knock that down further)

But one thing is for sure. I read more than I ever have before.

The interesting thing is, without a lot of effort, I read through my pocket ESV twice! Reading without really worrying about being bothered by the study notes was great. It allowed me to really begin to piece together and get a grip on how the scripture flows. I also spent an entire month where I read the entire book of Romans every day. That was amazing. I plan on continuing this practice going in to 2010.

Aside from my Bible, I read a lot of books. I began reviewing books for Thomas Nelson Publishing which gave me access to a lot of new releases for free. In 2010, I’m going to try and write a review about each book that I read and better categorize it them on my blog.

Some of the books that I read (in no particular order) that stand out to me from 2009 are:

  • Mad Church Disease
  • Tribes
  • Flickering Pixels
  • Killing Cockroaches
  • Hole in the Gospel
  • Logged on and Tuned Out
  • Simple Church
  • Fearless
  • Crazy Love

Right now I am reading Vintage Church, which I got as a Christmas present. I also have just started back at the beginning in Genesis and am full speed ahead with reading my Bible again.  So, looking ahead to 2010, I challenge you much like Scott did. Pick up your Bible and read. Pick up some books that will stretch your faith and drive you back to the Word.

Make 2010 a little more meaningful when you look back at it.

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