A New Type of Space Transportation and the Church

Photo Credit: (NASA/Bill Ingalls)

Photo Credit: (NASA/Bill Ingalls)

“I have decided today that the United States should proceed at once with the development of an entirely new type of space transportation system designed to help transform the space frontier of the 1970’s into familiar territory, easily accessible for human endeavor in the 1980’s and 1990’s.” President Richard Nixon, 1972

On this day in 1972, President Richard Nixon announced a “new type of space transportation.” 38 years later this new type of transportation is going to cease to operate as we look towards the next “new type.”

The Shuttle has served us well. There has been loss, but there have been many victories too. I’m reminded of the fact that many “programs” that we have in churches are like this. Something that was a good idea 38 years ago and worked well, might not be as efficient or beneficial now. We should be as willing to scrap an entire program once deemed unnecessary or unfruitful. Often we end up “manufacturing energy” around that program to keep some people appeased and others minimally excited about it.

Jesus came and attacked cluttered and complex religion and simplified it. He taught that his grace offered a simple relationship with God. He wanted us to replace tiring, heavy burden religion with his yoke. And when the simple message of Christ was talked about with those who were gathering to hear the message, lives changed. Revival Happened.

Take this concept to every ministry of your local church. While we’re supposed to be unified with a simple mission in place, we often are disconnected and acting as individual parts instead of seeing the big picture of working together towards that simple mission.


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