How did the Cat get Cooked!??

I really don’t want to poke fun at one of my good friends… which is why I asked for permission to post this πŸ™‚ Marcy, you’re a good sport!

I’m catching up on my google reader. I don’t want my RSS feeds to slay me, but sometimes, they do.

My personal preference of using it is ‘last in first out.’ I want to see the newest out of all my feeds and work my way down. There are some that have been in my reader for months, that one day I will get to. Why is this important? Some people that I follow don’t update their blog as often as others. So when they do, and they happen to fall towards the top of my list, I get excited. “Oooh, ‘so and so’ posted something new.”

The following picture just happens to be two posts that happened back to back from the same blogger. I have to admit, I saw the pictures and immediately thought:

How did the Cat get Cooked!??

It is times like this that I know that my brother and I are related, because we both have a similar strange sense of humor.

By the way, no cats were harmed in this blog post. The Cat picture was meant to show how cute their cat is when curled up. The turkey picture happens to be a picture of the first turkey that Marcy ever cooked for last thanksgiving.

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