Are You Trying to Wear Someone Else’s Armor?

I’ve been teaching about David the last few weeks in our student ministry. This past week, we covered David and Goliath. It is a story that most people have heard and if pushed to recall the details, you probably could. There was one detail, that as I was preparing,  I kept chewing on. It seemed to be the one bullet point in my notes that God wanted me to make sure that I got across (and also apply myself.)

“Whose Armor are You Trying to Wear?”

Young shepherd boy David has gone before king Saul and said “No one should worry about Goliath. I’ll  go and fight the Philistine.” Saul after a brief discussion with David (and probably a called committee meeting) conceded that David could go fight Goliath. Saul asks armor bearer number 2 to bring his armor out and give it to David.

David straps it on.

And immediately realizes his error.

“I can’t wear this armor. I can hardly move around in it. Besides, I haven’t tested it yet.”

I’m not real sure what the whole part about “I haven’t tested it yet” means. I think it is meaning this. Follow me on this. David is already confident that God is in charge of the situation. David has said that the Lord will deliver him from the hand of the Philistine. He’s already told the armies on the front line that Goliath had defied the armies of the Living God, and that God would provide the victory over him.

I think that the whole “I haven’t tested it yet” comment is that He hasn’t had a chance to take it to God yet. He knows that God is going to provide the victory, he knew it before Saul and his armor bearer provided this armor. David could have looked at the armor as one of those moments that it seems like was ordained and meant to be.

But he didn’t have time to “test it.” Besides the physical aspect of it, and not being able to move in the armor, He didn’t have time to take it to God and make sure that wearing the armor would be okay.

Besides, God had already assured him of victory. David knew that he could fight Goliath like he had fought lions and bears while he was keeping the sheep. David already had all the tools that he needed to go into battle.  They were time tested and ready for action, and he knew that God was with him.

So David took them off, and the rest of the story as you know is that David took five smooth stones and his trusty slingshot and killed Goliath. All it took was one stone. Nothing else. He didn’t need the armor that Saul had given him. He knew and trusted that God would provide all that was needed to defeat Goliath.

I’m a stubborn person. As I look back over the years and think about the lessons that God has taught me, there are those times where I know I was not trusting God with the tools that he’d already given me. I wanted to wear someone else’s armor. But the reality is, just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

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2 thoughts on “Are You Trying to Wear Someone Else’s Armor?

  1. I love this, I am retired Military. I came accross people who clam to be “Prayer Warriors”. The problem is, they go to the goodwill & buy donated Military camoflage uniforms & wear them to pray in. I am also a “Prayer Warrior”. The difference is that I honor the military uniform & know that it is earned & not brought. Also the USA Military are the guardians of our country. Christians should dress in their normal clothing & not put on a show to pray! People whom never have been in the Military must stop this practice. Like David said ” I come in the name of the living God. He trusted The Lord & not the armor, so must we as prayer warriors.

    • Glad you liked it. Not sure I completely understand the situation you describe. I see someone in military dress and assume that they are active… Is it a large problem that some fake?