Dominos Pizza and Second Chances

This past Sunday after church, we were at my in-laws watching some football. The latest Dominos commercial came on that discusses how Dominos realized that their Pizza was awful, and how they planned to deal with it.

“They have faced their critics head on and rebuilt their pizza from crust up.”

This morning I was catching up with some rss reading and saw that People of the Second Chance wrote a post titled: What we can learn from Dominos Cardboard Pizza.

It is “The Pizza Turnaround.” The true story of how Domino’s listened to its harshest critics and made their best pizza ever.

Watch the expressions and listen to the responses from these Actual Dominos Employees as they are hearing the criticism. They don’t ignore it, they don’t downplay it, they don’t deny it, they don’t attack the folks giving the criticis… they listen and learn.

This is another great example of how we need those people who can keep us accountable. Godly men and women who don’t mind telling it to us like it is. Those folks who might not agree with our methods or decisions, but love us and want us to succeed.

What can we learn from this? Do you respect Dominos for owning up to their shortcomings?

By the way, the “People of the Second Chance” Website is one you should subscribe to in your RSS if you’re not already.

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2 thoughts on “Dominos Pizza and Second Chances

  1. I definitely respect them for doing this. Good for them for owning up to their issues.

    I still laugh about cardboard crust (because it really did taste like that), but I’m actually interested in seeing if it’s any different now..

    • Yeah, we’ve not had dominos in a while, and at work when we do late nights, we order pizza hut. I’ll have to get the family to order a dominos soon.