Sight Reading and Infectious Worship

I’m flat out amazed at how some musicians can be handed a sheet of paper and begin playing just by sight reading. It has been quite a long time since I needed to read music like this. Back in high school, I remember the pains of chorus sight reading competitions. Not being formally trained in music, but just being an above average singer, I was alright when it came to  sight reading. I can’t play notes on a piano while I sight read, but get me in the right key and pitch, and I could sing just about any sheet music you give me.

I was recently teaching about David in our student ministry. At the end of I Samuel 19 there is this situation where David is on the run and hiding out from Saul because Saul wants to kill him. Saul sends a group of messengers to find him and bring him back. Where is David? He’s at Naioth in Ramah… worshipping God. He’s with a bunch of people “prophesying.” Well, that group finds him, and could not resist joining the party. Saul sends a second group… Same result. Saul sends a third group… SAME RESULT! Finally Saul himself comes and all of the sudden is so full of the spirit that he joins in the worship. That’s crazy!

That isn’t what happens in most churches today. We either look to a choir, praise team, worship leader, director of music, or band to do the ‘worshipping’ for us, or we may want to worship, but feel awkward at the mere thought of raising our hand to our Creator and Sustainer. Look at what is happening in this situation. David is on the run fearing his life from King Saul, yet he’s worshiping God. Look at our situation, we are SO blessed, and yet, many people pack the pews with the hands open wanting someone to fill it with worship so that they can return to their daily lives. We should be having infectious worship that is not only lays it all out for God, but is attractional so that when others see it, they KNOW that they want to join in.

A former minister of music (Bill Coen) always beat into us “If you don’t know the song, sing it anyway.”

Paraphrasing what Mark Driscoll said once “We Are a Choir with One Song. Jesus is that Song”

Every note in the song is in the Key of Jesus. Come on let’s have a little Infectious Worship!

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2 thoughts on “Sight Reading and Infectious Worship

  1. I stumbled upon your blog and have been reading all your archived posts and came to this one on worship.
    As a member of a choir in a megachurch and a vocalist on one of the praise teams, I felt something in your post resonate in me.
    Some of the most incredible moments in congregational worship is when the band drops out and you get to hear the voices of the congregation singing. Full out voices in praise. Goosebumps. God present. Amen.

    • Sweet Andy. Thanks for pinging back to me. What church do you go to? Not many ‘megachurches’ have choirs. Our church is just trying to get a choir back together.