What Was Your First Job?

Andrew over at Love is an Orientation, asks a simple question “What was your 1st ever job?” The inspiration for the post came from this article on the Mint Life. It is an interesting read to see the first jobs of 10 wealthy entrepreneurs.

Work has been crazy for the past several months, and looks to at least be slammed the next two. So with work I figured that this would be a good topic to throw out too. What was your first job?


I was a Soda Jerk at Johnson’s Store in Downtown Norcross. Man, that place would be hopping right now if it had survived. The downtown Norcross businesses are back. The restaurants seem to be doing well. But alas, my sophmore or junior year, the store closed down due to lack of business.

I loved that place. Made a lot of good friends. Good family to work for. I loved trying new flavors of cokes. All kinds of good ice cream. Good food. My favorite was the Teriyake Chicken Sandwich.

So… This is an easy question folks. No theology needed…what was your first job?

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17 thoughts on “What Was Your First Job?

  1. My first official gig (where I had taxes withheld) was working as a web developer for a small company responsible for doing a bunch of photo services via the web.

    I worked on the software and client-side code that helped users get their photos from their system into ours.

      • I’m primarily a web developer, though I spend a lot of time on the server-side.

        At work, we use .NET so there’s a lot of real software engineering that goes on there.

        I also really dig the client-side and am especially interested in the innovation being made with JavaScript.

        I’d have to say my favorite languages are more dynamic, weakly-typed stuff (JavaScript, PHP, and Ruby) though I mostly did compiled stuff in school (either bytecode or machine code) – C, Java, Assembly, and so on.

  2. Well, I would say delivering newspapers but that really doesn’t count. I wasn’t paid to do it beyond what I could earn in tips when going around and collecting (Yes, I am old enough to have been around when we still had to walk around and collect $1.25 a week for the paper).

    So I’ll throw that out. My first job was pumping gas. New Jersey is I believe only 1 of 2 states in the USA where you are legally not allowed to pump your own gas. I was around 15 years old. I made minimum wage, but when I got that first paycheck it felt like I was loaded.

  3. My first job was cutting grass for several people in the neighborhood (and people from church). My first job with taxes withheld was stocking shelves at a Womens’ shoe store owned by someone in my church.

  4. My first job was going door to door, i was around 13 yrs old, asking people to subscribe to our newspaper company, we had to memorize this long ol’ speech (i think most of the speech was a bunch of bologne) wow that was a long time ago. oh yea only worked there for 3 days, couldn’t stand lying to people.

  5. I think babysitting is the first for most any American girl. I did that from about the age of 13. My first REAL job was as a cashier at Howard’s Hardware in Doraville. Great Christian family business and great group of people to work with.

  6. Not counting a very brief summer stint working for a landscape company…

    Downtown Norcross at a model train and baseball card shop owned by a guy from church. I ran the shop solo for a couple of hours after school and worked most Saturdays as well (again often on my own).

    Unfortunately, I think the soda shop had already closed by then so good treats were not as easy to obtain.

  7. Such an interesting topic! Although my answer is not as interesting.. haha My first job was mowing lawns although my first official job was at a small coffee shop as a barista.

    • Travis, I need to own up to something. everytime I see your name (is fish your real last name?) I think of Eric Idle on Monty Python.

      “It is a license for my pet fish Eric. Eric Fish. He’s an Halibut”