In the Name of Jesus I beat You Up?!?

First off… Big Hat Tip to Matt McKee tweeting this one. Check out this article in the nytimes (apparently, they’re still around) about “Flock Is Now a Fight Team in Some Ministries.” It is about a growing number of churches that are incorporating ‘fight club’ ministries for their men to participate in.

Yep, you read that correctly.

What do you think about this?

OK, now that you’ve read it…You have read it haven’t you? Let’s have some fun. You remember that MTV had a show called “Celebrity Death Match.” I’m not even sure if they still do it, but here are a few match-ups for our debating pleasure.

  • John Piper vs. John MacArthur
  • Brian Houston vs. Craig Groeschel
  • Andy Stanley vs. Perry Noble
  • Fee Band vs. Crowder Band
  • Tyler Stanton vs Tripp Crosby

Any matches that you think would be good?

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5 thoughts on “In the Name of Jesus I beat You Up?!?

  1. Are you serious?! Are we really now stretching scripture to talk about why we should be Ultimate Fighters?!!:-) If you want to do it because you enjoy it, go for it, but let’s not try and make bashing someones head in about being a “real man” of faith…I mean, really!!!

    My Ministerial death match would be:

    Rick Warren vs. John Maxwell

    • John Maxwell could handle the mic too with that deep voice of his. “ladies and gentlemen, in this corner…”

      Thanks for stopping by Scott!

  2. I’d pit Jeremy Camp vs. Anyone and I’m sure he’d win. He’s pretty hoss. Although Voddie Baucham could probably take him.

    As far as the idea of this Fight Club thing goes I think it’s a little over the top. I like MMA and a lot of guys at my church do too but mostly I agree with Scott and his response. Why do Christians, particularly churches trying to be hip feel the need to claim everything and turn it into some uber-spiritual version of itself? If you want to be a fighter, great, go fight and share the gospel. But this being a church ministry…hmmm…I’m not sure this is what Paul meant by persecution building your faith.

    We have Fight Clubs at my church, but that’s what we call our men’s accountability groups. Our men’s ministry is called Manskool. We have fight clubs that kill sin in each others lives. We don’t kill each other though. Here’s kind of what we do: