Student Ministry Identity Question


Since Nobody, Nada, No one, responded to this post, I’m gonna repost it in hopes that I do have a few comments. Skip if you’ve already read before.


Today we were discussing the branding and identity of our student ministry at church. We may be at the beginning stages of a re-branding process. This is the first one of these that I will be a part of. Take a random survey with our current students and leadership regarding what the ministry is called, you’ll get:

  • Student Ministry Fellowship
  • Synergy
  • I don’t know

Synergy is the combining of two forces so that their output is greater than their sum (I get this from my own personal google search.) It was the brand identity of the student ministry several years ago. I’m not sure of the history of why it was originally selected. Thanks to the wayback machine I found the original purpose statemen:

Our purpose is in Reaching students, Blending them in healthy relationships, Teaching them Christ’s ways, and Sending them to fulfill God’s purpose.

Chris/Josh – Care to add anything? I know that there was a lot more strategy than just a logo and a purpose statement.

I think that there is value in identity and value in having this process now. Everyone can get behind it and be re-energized by ‘new.’

So just asking, Can you throw out some ideas? What are some churches that you are familiar with using? Why?

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