Is it safe to say that Jonathan Acuff is a Prophet?

You have 1 week to prep for the beginning of lent. If you missed it, read about what I’m planning on doing this year.

This morning, I came across Jonathan Acuff’s post on Digital Fasting (I get way behind on my RSS feeds.)

I think Jonathan is a prophet. Talking directly to me.

Some of my favorite lines:

What are the rules? How do you take a really good, really helpful digital fast? The Bible is very thin on the best way to wean yourself off of a Twitter addiction. Not once does Peter say, “Follow me on Twitter, I’m @Rock.” Or better yet for all you old school rap fans out there, “@PeteRock.”

Step 2: Write a blog post about taking a digital fast.

The irony of writing online about how you are going to take some time from being online is so rich it’s like a delicious sandwich spread made of boysenberry and irony. Technically the Bible says we’re not supposed to tell people when we fast. Maybe posts on your blog don’t count. Maybe.

Ouch. Guilty. I guess you can say #fail for me this time.

By they way… Stuff Christians Like,  comes out in April.  It would make a great birthday present for someone who might have a birthday in the month of April. I’ll be unavailable to online conversations about what gifts I want, because I’ll be fasting for the month leading up to it 🙂

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