How Do I Become a…

If you’re like me, you see your fair share of banner ads and advertisement pop-ups while surfing this fancy thing called the world wide web.

Many of them these days are just plain weird. They just make no sense. I’m in the marketing realm, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why some of the stuff that is out there makes it to “print.” I realize that often the odd stuff that is pushed is there to grab our attention, but I still shake my head about it sometime.

Check out the ad to the right that showed up for me recently. It is interesting that the creator of this ad has somehow dynamically injected some buzz words that actually would fit my resume.

I can’t however figure out why the icons that they chose…have been chosen.

What is that Project Manger doing. Bowing down to something. Worshiping something. Hmm.

There are a few of them that look like they’re getting ready to be assaulted or molested. Sorry, but there’s not a job that I would be interested in where that is a prerequisite for hire.

Now to the point of this post.

My mind began to think about what people see when they look at our lives as Christians.

Our lives often look as silly as the ad above.  Our Label of “Christian” isn’t the subtle 12 point bold Ariel that is underlined under our actions… Our actions show who we are, and they are the clearest,  High Def picture that is possible.

We’re supposed to reflect Christ. We’re supposed to be coming more like him. Less of me and more of Him.

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