A Quinquennial Cup of Coffee

Who: Me. You.

What: I am planning on having my first cup of coffee. Ever. And you can help me celebrate.

When: My Birthday. April 5th

Where: Not sure. I am looking for the place and the flavor.

Why: Why not.

That’s right, I am 33 and have never had a cup of coffee. I don’t plan on starting, but a coworker recently told me of his tradition to drink a cup every 5 years. I thought that it might be interesting to do the same thing. So on April 5, 2010, I will have my first cup of coffee. Where should I go? What flavor? What size?

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10 thoughts on “A Quinquennial Cup of Coffee

  1. Two things..

    Your birthday is on my wedding anniversary. Random, huh?
    So why’re you not a coffee drinker? Any particular reason?

    I’m gonna leave suggestions up to others. I drink coffee but it’s usually store-bought-ground-at-home stuff. I will say this – branch out from something other than Starbucks. =)

    • I’ve been told to not give in to the starbucks thing.

      I don’t know why I haven’t ever had it. The smell never intrigued me. My wife doesn’t drink coffee either. Mountain Dew is my vice.

  2. I’ve heard that Dunkin’ Donuts has great coffee. Fresh Market has a ton of different blends too. Shana only drinks decaf. Me…well, let me know when you want to come back to the NCDA (Non Coffee Drinkers Association… I don’t know if there’s a NCDA but if you want to start one we could be the CEO’s). I try a cup every now and then just to see if “today will be the day.” But its the same as pumpkin pie, olives, and most alcohol. Just don’t like it. Too bitter and bad after taste.

    • Ha. I checked. NCDA.com = New Car Dealers Association
      NCDA.org = National Career Development Association.

      We’ll have to come up with another name.