Sunday Evening Thoughts

Today was a reminder to me of a few different things:

  • God used a situation this morning with me to remind me that we often put our blinders on and forget what it is like to be lost. We won’t “speak in tongues” today, but we’re not shy about speaking in “christianese”
  • It is impossible to be Standing on the Promises of God while you’re Sitting in the Pew.
  • Human Memories are a strange thing. I have a memory from Highschool, that I now must recall so that I can write about it, because someone who I thought knew who I was, doesn’t. I know that sounds confusing now. It will make more sense when I finish a future blog post about it.
  • I believe that God may be pulling the ole’ switcharoo on me again. While I have had a good idea of what I’ll be teaching over the next month in Student Ministry…today I felt a nudge to completely change it up. I have 2 days to prepare either way.
  • Computers as we know them today will be like yesterday’s typewriters in a few years. When was the last time you used a typewriter as technology to deliver that message.
  • Did you watch the Gold Medal Hockey Game today? Wow. So many analogies that could be taken from it.
  • To end the day, I watched “The Invention of Lying tonight. I started and ended the day with God showing me that there are many people who don’t experience life as I do. Lostness is real. We can not ignore it. This means that we have to engage culture and not cower from it.

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