What Could You Accomplish If…

You had 3 people and 16 months. This is about a week old, but still been on my mind.

“The FIG’s three-person disciplinary commission spent 16 months investigating the cases of Dong and Yang.”

Apparently the International Gymnastics Federation (who apparently aren’t acronym experts either, because they are referred to as ‘FIG’) was able to confirm what most of the world suspected when China sent underage gymnasts to the Olympics. Read this article

This is about a week old, but still been on my mind. I know the things that my team has been able to accomplish in the past 16 months. And it is CRAZY for me to think about stuff like this.  But more, it makes me wonder… What could be accomplished for the Kingdom if we had just three people assigned to one task for 16 months.

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6 thoughts on “What Could You Accomplish If…

  1. My response probably should just be: “hmmmmm”

    But that isn’t particularly descriptive…
    16 months is something like 300 working days. A three man team could get a *lot* done, and I think a lot of churches do get a lot done.

    • Absolutely. I’m not an idiot. I realize that they probably had other things that they were doing, but my gut tells me that 16 months of research/investigation is a tad too long.