Dangerous Calling by Josh and Jeremiah Daws

Your Attention Please. This is an important announcement about a movie that you probably have not seen this year. It will not be discussed at the Oscars this year. So I figured I could give it some press as we head towards the red carpet on Sunday.

First off, I must preface this by saying my tastes in movies are a little different that others. My brother often writes about movies he sees. He will tear apart the script, acting, directing, props, plot… those things that I tend to overlook. My wife and I will see a movie and love it, we talk to him about it and he’ll ask us why we saw it in the first place. Again, it takes a lot for me to dislike a movie. It happens from time to time, but not too often. By the way, this happens to be my first movie review.

I first heard about Dangerous Calling through a friend of mine, Brandon O’dell. It is a murder suspense movie. The interesting backdrop for the movie is a local church. Yep, you heard that right. Independent film makers, Josh and Jeremiah Daws have created a murder/thriller that happens to take place in a local small town church. My friend Brandon actually plays the role of simple minded and easily manipulated, Elijah Hinton (who just so happens to have murdered the former pastor of the church that he attends.) See, I knew you’d be interested.

I realize that you may find me to have a bias since I know Brandon. The fact is, after seeing the movie, I’ve come in contact with several of the folks from the film. Regardless, I decided to write about it. I’m not going to give away any of the story line, besides you can read many reviews that do this, but I will tell you that the quality of the film is what amazed me the most. You can tell that each member of the crew and cast poured themselves into the movie. The script, acting, locations, direction, effects, and score are incredible for an independent film.

So, while you’re watching the Oscars this year, keep this one in the back of your mind. You’ll want to see it. Pick up a copy of it:

On an aside, Jeremiah wrote this guest post for me back a couple months ago titled A Call for Christians in Hollywood. They’re good people with huge hearts. Look them up and support them. They are missionaries on the front line.

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