The Bible, As Viewed from Space

Admit it. You like google earth. You like the amazing images that you can find when browsing the globe. There are many places that we will never be able to travel to, but with Google Earth, we’re able to get a bird’s eye view of the scenery in a matter of minutes. Take it a step further to “street view” and it is crazy amazing at what you are able to see and experience.

Now imagine Google Earth during the time of the Bible.

The Glue Society (Don’t know who they are or anything more about them) have created “Four Biblical moments as evidenced by satellite imagery.”

The series depicts Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, Moses parting the Red Sea, Noah’s Ark and The Crucifixion. Commissioned by the Pulse Contemporary Art Fair Miami, an edition of five light box sets were released in 2007. We are now pleased to offer for the first time limited edition photographic prints.

What do you think?

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